Dr W.E. Shewell-Cooper (1900-1982) wrote more than 60 best selling books on gardening, beginning with the Garden in 1932 and contributed to 40 newspapers and Journals. He was best known as the champion of compost growing, an organic gardening method which he first researched at the Thaxted Horticultural College, Essex, where he was principal for ten years. These methods were then used when he moved to Arkley Manor in Hertfordshire, where he set up his own horticultural training centre.

Dr Shewell-Cooper was the founder member of the Good Gardeners' Association. This organisation still exists today promoting organic methods for the amateur gardeners. It also holds conferences and educates children in organic methods. The Good Gardeners' Association can be contacted on tel: 01453 520322.

The series of Basic Books of Gardening will be of great value to all amateur gardeners: the author had the rare ability to guide and instruct both the novice and the more experienced gardener. The Basics Books give simple, authoritative, step-by-step instructions, supplemented by photographs, clear drawings and lists of tested, recommended plants. Even the complete novice, by following the author's advice, can be confident of achieving
the successes.

Basic Books of Gardening

Vegetable Growing

Practical advice on the successful culture of all kinds of vegetables - both popular and unusual.

Cloche and Frame Gardening
To bring the glasshouse to the plants instead of the plants to the glasshouse - this is the object of cloche and frame gardening. In this 'how-to' manual, all that you should know about this type of gardening is given in great detail with many illustrations.

Weekend Gardening
Here is the gardener's companion - a week-by-week diary of the tasks, events and pitfalls that the home cultivator will invariably encounter in an average year. Included are a glossary, lists of common disease and pests and uncommon plants. A variety of tables will give the weekend gardener invaluable help in planning so as to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment out of flowering shrubs, pot plants and perennials and vegetable growing.

Fruit Growing
A comprehensive handbook on growing fruit in the open for the amateur gardener. Apples, pears, plums and cherries, raspberries, gooseberries etc. are all dealt with. The author's compost methods of cultivation are described and there are full notes on pruning, seasonal work, pests and diseases.